You've Failed! So Now What?

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In our Post-Modern, politically-correct society we have adopted an attitude that attempts to eliminate failure altogether with this haphazard notion that, "we're all winners!" The truth is, we're not all winners! There are winners and there are losers. There is success and there is failure. Painful to swallow, right? It doesn't have to be. Instead of falsely trying to mask failure with a deceptive visage, try owning it. Not to a degree that you use it to host a pity-party for yourself, but as a measure of where you are in contrast to where you'd like to be.

Who Needs A Headshot?

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If you are reading this post, then it is probably because you're an actor, business professional, model, or a parent looking for child identity photography. Even if you are just a SWF (That's personals ad talk for Single White Female) searching for Mr. Right on e-Harmony, Match, or some other dating site, then you could greatly benefit from an amazing headshot as well.