You've Failed! So Now What?

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Risa Bramon Garcia (Director/Casting Director) published an article on Backstage about embracing rejection. It is a fantastic article that every actor should read, but with all the great points she makes over the course of the article, there are plenty more that could be made. Instead of re-hashing all of Risa's points, which she has already done well, let's take the concept a step further and look at it from, not just the aspect of being rejected for a role, but from the aspect of failure in general. After all, to be rejected is to have failed to achieve or gain. Right? So, let's take a look at failure, which is something most people try to avoid paying any mind to.

In our Post-Modern, politically-correct society we have adopted an attitude that attempts to eliminate failure altogether with this haphazard notion that, "we're all winners!" Take a moment, if you will, to walk around your apartment and really try hard to find your Oscar, or your Tony, or even your Grammy. [Insert elevator-style waiting music] Oh, you're back. Did you find any of them? No? Well, it seems you've been lied to then! Obviously, if we're all winners and even one person has, in fact, won one of the aforementioned awards, you too should be able to locate the exact same award amongst your belongings. That's, of course, if we're all winners. The truth is, we're not all winners! There are winners and there are losers. There is success and there is failure. Painful to swallow, right? It doesn't have to be.

Instead of falsely trying to mask failure with a deceptive visage, try owning it. Not to a degree that you use it to host a pity-party for yourself, but as a measure of where you are in contrast to where you'd like to be. If you're wondering when this article is going to transition over to headshot photography, the answer is now

This happens similarly all the time, but more recently an actor phoned in to the studio, interested in shooting with Kevyn. She stated that she had just recently spent a whole bunch of money to shoot with another photographer, but that the shoot was a total washout, because the end product was bad headshots. It came to a point in the conversation where she asked how many looks she should shoot, explaining that there are some shots on IMDb already, which are pretty good. Really? Is that your overall goal as an actor, to be only pretty good? If so, you ought to reconsider what you're doing at this point in your life, because, to date, none of the aforementioned awards have a "pretty good" category for which you could win in. Luckily for her, the actor was able to own up to the fact that she had failed on the headshot front. She acknowledged that her present headshots were not at a level that best represented her, and that they failed to put her best foot forward. What she didn't do was try to ignore this failure, or attempt to pass the buck on to somebody else. Because she was able to first acknowledge and accept her failures in the realm of headshot photography, she developed a determination to grow from the failure. She made the effort to sit down and do the research necessary, which ultimately lead her to calling Kevyn Major Howard Photography and scheduling to shoot all new headshots with the, "king of the Hollywood headshot," himself.

As success goes among actors, this particular actor has a great advantage over all the rest, because she is able to embrace her failures as a means to grow and improve herself. Are you able to be as honest with yourself?


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