Who Needs A Headshot?

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Who needs a headshot?

You do. If you are reading this post, then it is probably because you're an actor, business professional, model, or a parent looking for child identity photography. Even if you are just a SWF (That's personals ad talk for Single White Female) searching for Mr. Right on e-Harmony, Match, or some other dating site, then you could greatly benefit from an amazing headshot as well.

What is so special about a headshot, can't I just set up my digital camera and snap a picture?

A headshot is not simply a photograph of yourself, and in all actuality, it isn't a portrait of you either. A great headshot has the ability to accurately communicate you! A picture or portrait will definitely show people what you look like, but in the cases where a headshot is applicable, people don't want to simply know what you look like. They want to meet you, as if in person. A great headshot portrays depth! You've probably figured out by now that you, your person, has physical depth. You are not a cardboard cut-out. You are genuinely a living 3-D object! A photograph or portrait ne'er communicates that, but instead makes you appear to be flat and 2-D. The ability to capture that 3-D aspect of who you are comes when you're being shot by a photographer that focuses specifically on headshots. They've trained their eye to carefully grab just the right moments in time; the moments that accurately portray your depth and show that you aren't made of paper, you have pulse. It needs to be stressed that it requires a carefully trained eye to truly pull off a perfect headshot, because as the saying goes, "Just because you own a camera, doesn't mean you're a photographer."

I'm in a financial pinch right now, so I'll just let my friend shoot one for me or pay a beginning photographer $75. That's okay, right?

Well let's have you start by facepalming yourself, like they do it in the V-8 juice commercials. This is especially an extremely poor choice if you are an aspiring actor. A lot of you start huffing and puffing at this point, but it's usually because you know that the truth is you made a mistake. If you are an aspiring actor, and you've done your homework, then you know exactly how important a phenomenal headshot is to your success. A headshot can have life-altering consequences! In that regard, it's like saying, "I need to get a heart transplant, but I can't afford to go to the hospital and get the operation done, so I'm going to have my friend do it for me, for free. Maybe I'll go to Big Al's Hearts & More, because I just got a coupon in my e-mail!" [Insert facepalm here] If you're that willing to jeopardize your success, then perhaps you could cut right to the end of this film, where you're sobbing as you pack up your studio apartment and moving out of town. The same notion applies to you business professionals too! In modern society, your digital presence can make or break you. That seems to suggest that your digital presence, whether it be your website or social media profiles, should be your best foot forward. Your potential client(s) should be able to meet you and gain a sense of comfort and confidence in the quality of your work, because of who you are and how you present yourself. If you're that SWF looking for love, then you have been nodding your head the entire time, because you know you need to present yourself in the best possible light. In all honesty, Kevyn shot woman who came to him after doing the online dating thing for awhile with a self-photograph. She said that she was puzzled, because she kept getting matched up with creepy weirdos. She, of course, used her headshot in place of the picture she had been using, and much to her surprise she met a really great guy who owned a yacht! True story.

I'm not sure how to choose a photographer. I've been told, or have read, that I should meet with a photographer first to make sure I am comfortable/compatible with them. Right?

Only if you typically base your success on cliche misinformation! Offered for your consideration, exhibit A & exhibit B:

Which of the subjects in these two shots do you think took the time to sit down with the photographer to be sure that they liked him and that they were compatible? Exactly my point! It is strictly about business, and that comes from the photographer's ability to capture the right moments of your existence- to communicate you! Furthermore, especially if you're an actor, you know darn well that if Steven Spielberg calls you and asks you to be in his next film, you're not going to ask him to sit down with you and have a talk so that you can find out whether you're comfortable with him or not. These are the cheap excuses that kill dreams!


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As a celebrated photographer, Kevyn Major Howard has successfully revolutionized the headshot industry over the last 36 years. Since he first began shooting headshots, Kevyn professed that the eyes are the window to the soul. His philosophy remains unchanged. His headshots capture a look, a glance, a nuance that brings a 2-D image to life. When viewing Kevyn’s work you will experience the deliberate precision, accuracy, and illumination with which Kevyn captures his subject’s eyes. The eyes are absolutely the expression of the actors personality and charisma; they are the key to anyone’s success. A focus on the eyes tells your unique story to the casting director, or let's your potential client know that you're competent in your profession and worthy of their time. Whatever you want to communicate, Kevyn can capture it with authenticity- ensuring your professional (or personal) success.

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